Breakout Coming for 2023 Guard KK Jones

Offensive Flexibility

Jones does not need the ball in her hands though to make a considerable impact. She is comfortable sharing the backcourt with another dominant ball-handler and adjusts her play to suit the needs of the team. Specifically, she utilizes her IQ and vision to recognize holes in the defense or parallels penetrations to provide relief on the perimeter.

This aspect of Jones game is equally as dangerous as allowing her space in transition or the half-court, because she consistently knocks down shots. With increasing opportunity and aggressiveness to find her shot, Jones is becoming more lethal in her production. Impartial to specific areas of the court, she displays strong shooting form to consistently meet the growing expectations entering her junior season.

There is a lot of give and take that Jones utilizes to make the best play. Her perimeter play really opens up driving lanes for her to attack the basket, but she makes the ideal play for what the defense reacts to. Jones exhibits strong play with the ball on the floor and has no issues weaving through traffic to score at the rim. She also is content to sacrifice her body to get to the free throw line or complete passes to her teammates for better shots.

Collectively, these traits are going to make Jones a more desired prospect heading into the Fall. She is a natural leader on the court and gives 100% on both ends of the floor regardless of the score. She is the glue player with strong offensive upside to push teams to the next level.

Jones receives the cross-court pass in rhythm and nails the 3.
Jones again receives the pass in rhythm and nails the 3.
Jones fights through the contact to complete the layup over the taller defender.
Jones uses her vision to navigate the defensive rotations out of the press break and hits the layup moving to her weak side.
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