Breakout Coming for 2023 Guard KK Jones

Court Vision

Finding space has shown to be where Jones becomes the most dangerous on the court. Whether it’s leading the break or beating defenders off the dribble, it’s the situations where she is given options that she hurts defenses the worst. Finishing plays efficiently is a direct downstream effect of Jones spectacular court vision.

She is an incredibly smart player and does not force the issue with the ball in her hands. Instead Jones utilizes the same defensive anticipation to read the movements and rotations of her opponents to find attacking lanes. Even more promising is that she possesses the understanding of floor spacing and when to attack or feed her teammates to optimize their chances of putting points on the board.

Aside from getting into the paint to do her damage, Jones has a way of manipulating defenses to create opportunities all over the floor. The movement and actions with the ball in her hands show she trusts her eyes and works quickly to ensure identifiable advantages are not overlooked. Every time she finds a weakness, it’s another affirmation for her to continue being aggressive and working for easy buckets.

Jones is able to start the break and utilizes her strong acceleration and speed to stay a step ahead of the chasing defense. She is able to read the interior defenders and accurately dump the ball off to a teammate for the layup.
Jones is able to penetrate the lane and again accurately facilitate the ball to her teammate when the interior defender begins to commit to her.
Jones recognizes the defense is in zone and makes the wing defender commit to retreating towards the post by working the ball back towards the middle of the floor. It works and Jones plan opens up her teammate for 3.
Jones attacks the lane and finds her teammate on the perimeter for 3.
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