Breakout Coming for 2023 Guard KK Jones

Defensive to Offensive Production

The defensive attributes Jones brings to the table are vital to winning games at every level. Her approach, attentiveness and ability to predict plays makes it extremely dangerous for opponents to work around her on the floor. She is able to jump passing lanes and bait ball-handlers into a false sense of security.

Her pesky nature on the defensive end, and specifically in the manner she creates turnovers, result in simple transition opportunities. It’s natural to see Jones accurately position herself to convert these plays, but her tendency to do so with a running start of built up physical momentum helps her to gain the moniker as ‘igniter of the break.’ The advantage of this trait is that Jones is able to not only produce positive defensive plays, but find space to become a multi-threat ball-handler to fully utilize her skillset.

Jones is able to attack the ball-handler, rip the ball free and instantaneously dump the ball off to her teammate running up the floor.
Jones recognizes an opportunity to attack the ball-handler by trapping at half-court. She successfully corrals the ball-handler prying the ball free cleanly and takes off to complete the layup.
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