2022 G Adante Holiman Back on the Market with a Refined Skillset

Expanded Range

Last summer Holiman was already presenting himself as a reliable and lethal perimeter threat. He showed good maintenance of his shooting form with and without receiving passes outside of the pocket. He also displayed quality efficiency in converting these looks in transition as the primary ball-handler and running ahead of the play. These all tie into strong mental presence to set his feet, square his body on the move and comfortably get his shot off.

Following a strong off-season in the weight room and the gym heading into his junior season, Holiman was able to expand his effective range. The work paid off with the McAlester guard pouring in 31.0 points per game on 53% shooting (43% from 3-pointland). A large area of that output came from his consistency expanding his range off the perimeter line and pulling guards further away from the paint to then attack inside with his speed. Holiman was able to tally these numbers off much of his own primary creation and showcasing good form repetitively to convert further from the hoop. This trait development will certainly help his productivity at the next level and increase his likelihood of helping a program as a freshman.

Holiman’s comfort in increasing his range from the perimeter is noticeable. He is able to create his own shots off the dribble from this distance while staying disciplined in his fundamental shooting approach, as well as smooth form off the catch and shoot.
Holiman has been displaying more creativity off the dribble this summer. He is reading defenses well and making plays happen off of countering them. Here is adjusts his initial drive and crosses into a midrange stepback.

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