Offensive Creativity Driving Up Interest for 2023 G Finley Bizjack

Stretching the Defense

Moving downhill is a large part of Bizjack’s game, because it provides so much freedom to swiftly make plays off defensive reactions. They are forced to always track him, due to his effectiveness in this facet of the game. Already displaying multiple layers to his game as a threat off-the-dribble, defenses significantly tighten up throughout a game attempting to stop him at the point of the attack rather than chasing him through the play.

Comfortable producing in any way that results in points on the board and a win for his team, Bizjack does not mind the added attention he receives from defenses in the pick-and-roll. Due to their in-game adjustments, it’s not uncommon to see more movement underneath the screen to limit penetration rather than going over it. This does not deter Bizjack at all and in fact opens another danger area within his skillset: easy range.

Very effective and a quick-hitter in transition, this aspect of his game also cannot go unnoticed. Bizjack has a very smooth shooting stroke and will not hesitate to unleash from deep. However, this shot is not eliminated when he operates out of the pick-and-roll. Forcing the defense’s hand throughout the game to choose to play over or under screens creates mistakes and moments of opportunity for the 6’4” guard space to shoot over the top of the defense or incorporate step-back chances with the same result. Collectively, Bizjack’s acceleration and ability to stop on a dime unleash a full arsenal on defenses regardless of utilizing the pick-and-roll or not. However, it’s his IQ and understanding of his skills that increase his efficiency on the court and making defenses repeatedly pay for attempting to stop him. His adeptness in these particular areas will only increase with time and the school that lands him will be celebrating for quite some time.

Bizjack receives the ball on the move and is able to quickly square both his feet and shoulders to the basket before releasing a smooth 3 from the perimeter.
Bizjack does the same on the other wing, quickly releasing a 3 over the defense before they can close on his position.
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