Offensive Creativity Driving Up Interest for 2023 G Finley Bizjack

Playmaker in the Teeth of the Defense

The ability to create his own scoring chances off the dribble are a huge asset for Bizjack and illuminate levels to his effectiveness and approach tearing apart defenses. Increasing his production through pick-and-roll opportunities readily allows him to gain more ground on defenders and incorporate change of pace into his attacks to keep his man against the ropes. His consistency in creating paint touches in this manner only heighten his presence on the court and garner increased attention from his opponents.

Gaining access to the “second line” of the defense not only opens up scoring changes for Bizjack at any moment, but opens the floor to a larger playmaking role. His movement off-the-dribble encapsulates the true gravity he commands from the entire defense. Entry into the paint forces strong rotations from the other players on the court to contest potential shots or paths to the rim.

As a result of forcing these rotations, Bizjack is afforded passing lanes to bring his teammates into the play on a routine basis. He does a good job of maintaining vision of the entire court as he works himself inside the teeth of the defense. Bizjack can accurately pass out of defenders simultaneously closing in on him and significantly opens up the rest of the offense to comfortable production.

Bizjack explodes by his primary defender after receiving the ball and subsequently draws two more players to his position. He carries good speed and is able to swiftly move through them before elevating at the rim.
Bizjack again receives the ball on the perimeter where he draws the attention of all five defenders, weaving his way in and out of traffic, before finishing at the rim. He uses good creativity to get through the initial defensive pair and then accelerates through the other 3.
Bizjack works his way to the baseline off-the-dribble drawing three defenders before passing to the opposite corner for 3.
Bizjack again works his way to the baseline drawing multiple defenders around the basket, but is able to see the rotation well and hits his teammate at the top of the arc for 3.
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