Offensive Creativity Driving Up Interest for 2023 G Finley Bizjack

Fluid Command of the Pick-And-Roll

It doesn’t take much time on film to see Bizjack is an explosive athlete. He carries good speed in space and is able to maintain that characteristic with the ball in his hands. As a sign of his IQ on the floor, Bizjack smartly slows the game down outside of fast-break situations to accentuate this particular asset of his skillset.

By moving to slow the game down prior to initiating his moves, Bizjack two-fold advantage over his immediate defender. With the defense at a standstill, there is no momentum for the on-ball defender to minimize the initial acceleration from his first step. Additionally, beginning from a stationary position causes defenders to think more about how he will make his move (ie., utilize screens, deny them, etc) further slowing their reaction time.

Bizjack has enough speed and acceleration in these circumstances to create for himself off the dribble and score both at the rim and from range. However, his skillset is again accentuated by operating out of the pick-and-roll. As the offensive initiator, he utilizes screens to get the defender on his back hip and trailing from the start.

These types of plays enable Bizjack to find and create space where he can explode vertically in and around the paint to finish creatively at the rim.

Bizjack slows the game down after receiving the ball and causes his defender to sit still. He explodes baseline gaining a step on his man and finishes the reverse layup.
Bizjack again is isolated against his man on the wing and takes advantage by exploding baseline before finishing with the reverse.
Bizjack accepts the screen middle and is able to accelerate around it into open space in the lane. He is able to elevate to the rim before the defense collapses and finishes the play.
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