Crafty 2025 G Sania Richardson Carrying the Load

Playmaking on the Move

Due to her electric speed and acceleration, Richardson is a handy piece to utilize in all aspects of the game (i.e. press break, command of the half-court, etc). She has excellent natural feel for how things are developing and subsequently making decisions that produce extra possessions for her team. Her first step and ability to create open space only increases this ability to read the floor and make smart decisions amidst a changing defensive landscape.

Richardson’s capability to “set up” defenders is the next wrinkle she’s added in her attacks that help to rapidly increase her chances of successfully impacting the game. Her patience and combined explosiveness ensure primary defenders become pinned behind her hip and struggle to recover once she makes her moves. As trailing defenders attempt to recover, Richardson has already moved on towards finding her shot or passing out to open teammates. Her mental processing speed allows her to see the floor exceptionally well and break down defenses on the run.

She maintains excellent court vision on the move and sees all options unfolding in real time. She routinely draws multiple defenders at every level of the court and is able to maintain complete sight of the floor to keep pressing the attack. Her ability to do this keeps defenses guessing and in constant rotation opening up lanes to score or facilitate.

Sania is able to quickly escape the corner inbounds pass before the press is able to converge on her position. Her speed is able to carry her through multiple levels of the defense and her use of angles help to carry home the end-to-end scoring opportunity.
Sania is able to set up her attack nicely to her strong hand, but the defender does a good job of staying within range of the move to cause an adjustment. Quick vision and thinking allow Sania to let off an accurate pass to her teammate in the corner for 3.
Sania’s initial move causes the defender to slip underneath the screen, but a late rotation by the switching defender allows the opportunity to penetrate. Sania is able to turn on the acceleration again in between multiple defenders to attack the rim for the layup.
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