Crafty 2025 G Sania Richardson Carrying the Load

Lethal Burst

Watching her play, it’s immediately hard to ignore her speed with the ball in her hands. Regardless of where she receives it on the court, Richardson is able to turn on the jets and place herself and her teammates in advantageous situations. The straight-line speed and momentum are purely enough to take her past the majority of players on the floor at any given time, but it’s the next level of her athleticism that truly creates scoring chances for her team.

Her rapid first step is the deadliest aspect of having to guard a player like Richardson. The advantage she gains from her initial move pins defenders against the ropes and allows Richardson to essentially freely roam the court to get what she wants. As a result, Richardson has nicely developed an arsenal of options to make defenses pay. She has become very attuned to positively impacting the game and making adjustments on the fly after beating her primary defender. It is this knowledge and understanding of taking what defenses will give her that have allowed Richardson to become a very efficient and complete floor general on the court.

Sania attacks the rim between a converging double-team and converts the layup off of her burst.
Sania is able to freeze the top defender with her initial move opening a large gap at the top of the key. She recognizes a number of defenders immediately under the basket and is able to softly score over the top with her floater.
Sania receives the ball with a rotating defense and attacks the weak point between the top two defenders. The frontcourt is able to recover a bit quicker and again Sania is able to score over the top of the defense without losing her opportunity to score.
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