Who Want The Smoke – 17U Standouts

24′ F Kuol Atak3d Empire Pro16 / Haltom (TX): Atak is only becoming more comfortable and confident as a primary offensive weapon. The level of shot difficulty he’s routinely able to convert on underlie his unique value on the offensive end. He’s consistently moving into open spaces and reliably demonstrates his abrupt range and touch from deep behind the 3-point line. The best part is his footwork and balance allow him to get shots off effectively in unorthodox ways adjusting to defensive positioning.

24′ F Rakease PassmoreGarner Road 3SSB / Combine Academy (NC): Explosive plays draw eyes to Passmore, as he finds bountiful opportunities to rock the rim. However, he demonstrated excellent usage of pace and reacting to defensive close outs or hedges to reach the second level frequently. He flashed his jumper and overall playmaking ability OTD as well.

24′ G VJ EdgecombeAustin Rivers Southeast Elite 3SSB / Long Island Lutheran (NY): The open floor was Edgecombe’s playground during the event. He keenly attacked passing lanes and jumped overly relaxed ball-handlers igniting transition opportunities. He put home many fastbreak buckets, but was able to keep overall efficiency shooting from the floor in the halfcourt. His presence and prioritization of the offensive glass allowed him to live at the free throw line and supplement his production.

24′ F Robert MillerTJ Ford Elite / Pasadena Memorial (TX): Length proved again to be a highly disruptive asset for Miller. Taking on defensive matchups against some of the nation’s elite guards and wings, he tracked penetration well and demonstrated how problematic it can be to score over him. Likewise flipping those matchups on the other end of the court, his height and release point allowed him to consistently draw fouls or convert in close.

24′ C Malick DialloUtah Prospects 3SSB / Wasatch Academy (UT): Diallo has continued to emerge as an effective offensive weapon going back to FIBA play. However, his developmental recognition on the offensive end has enabled him to become an effective facilitator out of the post. He comfortably varies passing angles and types, but consistently hits the mark for teammates to immediately get shots off upon receipt.

24′ G Micah RobinsonSouthern Assault 3SSB / Oak Hill Academy (VA): Robinson’s chameleonic nature in the backcourt allow him to make huge impacts in every game. He’s effective taking defenders OTD to score from the perimeter, but has found ways off-ball to drift into open spaces and shorten the distance defenders have to match his physicality and agility in the paint. His ability to process and identify defensive rotations in these confined spaces have allowed him to become a high-level playmaker as well.

24′ F Nicolas CodieSouthern Assault 3SSB / Newman Smith (TX): There likely hasn’t been a tournament this summer Codie’s name has not been mentioned. His versatile contributions on the offensive end, both in the paint and as a reliable corner perimeter threat, make him one of the most dangerous players on the floor. He remains attentive to the offensive glass and secures multiple putback opportunities per game. His knack for frequently putting himself in advantageous scoring positions makes him an incredibly potent asset.

24′ G Jase ButlerJalen Green Elite 3SSB / The Branson School (CA): PNR play was a high point for Butler throughout the weekend. Frequently beat defenders in screen denials and finished through contact at the bucket. He displayed strong awareness working off-ball to create equal penetrating effectiveness or flashing into space to get shots up.

24′ G Zion PipkinCooz Elite Pro16 / Legacy School of Sports Sciences (TX): Pipkin is very skilled out of the pick-and-roll and is patient in setting up advantageous matchups with screens. He demonstrates masterful touch passing off of paint touches and doesn’t force shots when penetrating. He adds to his productive downhill play with quick pull-ups on the perimeter aided by a strong ball-handling repertoire capable of increasing shooting space to defenders.

24′ G Julian ClarkeTeam Florida / Lake Highland Prep (FL): Clarke’s ball-handling repertoire and flow accentuate his overall ability to handle extended defensive pressures. His speed and craftiness enable him to flip pressure on defenders and quickly attack downhill. He maintains this awareness and shiftiness in traffic to effectively facilitate to teammates in tight windows or finish at the rim.

24′ G Titus MillerTulsa Hawks Pro16 / Catoosa (OK): Showing great anticipation on the defensive end, Miller pestered opponents on the offensive end with timely runs to knock the ball free. He parlayed those forced turnovers into reliable transition scoring and momentum-changing plays for his team. He built on those plays with continued aggressive scoring around the basket.

25′ G Isiah HarwellUtah Prospects 3SSB / Wasatch Academy (UT): Harwell has repeatedly established himself as a perimeter dynamo and made defenses pay from deep this weekend. He drained shots OTD, via pull-ups and coming off-screens. His ability to make defenses chase hard opened up driving opportunities as well, while creation of transition opportunities with on-ball defense frequently put home added scoring.

25′ G King GraceTexas Impact UAA / Waxahachie (TX): Grace’s summer continues to operate at a high level, accruing program interest by the tournament. He’s been very productive creating scoring opportunities for himself OTD and applying pressure to defenses in the paint. His loud plays at the rim and knack for shrugging off contact quickly lead to point accumulation. Balanced scoring output from the perimeter accentuate the ways he can torch defenses.

25′ G Mikel Brown JrAustin Rivers Southeast Elite 3SSB / Sunrise Christian (KS): Brown’s ability to orchestrate the offense is at an elite level. He prioritizes making the right play and getting the ball where it needs to go, while simultaneously turning in balanced and impactful stat lines. Patient and efficient shot selection highlight how quickly he can catch fire and he maintains composure when scoring opportunities present themselves.

25′ G Shon AbaevSOH Elite UAA / Calvary Christian (FL): Shots fell inconsistently for Abaev throughout the weekend, but he still showcased an ease to shot creation that enabled scoring at a moment’s notice. He produced effective looks OTD and separated himself from defenders with controlled fade-aways and large step-backs. He carries a level of reliability from the perimeter and quick reactions to closeouts that open up scoring opportunities at the rim.

Commited Players Update:

24′ G Dedan ThomasDream Vision 3SSB / Liberty (NV) / UNLV: The newly-minted UNLV commit showed an excellent hesitation game and ability to rapidly change directions with the ball on the floor. This mobility and awareness elevated his pick-and-roll efficacy and allowed him to take advantage of mismatches around the paint. His vision was on display as well coming off screens, as he accurately dished the ball to shooters at the rim and on the perimeter consistently throughout the weekeend.

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