Heart of Texas Standouts

24’ F Harper PetersonJason Kidd Select S40 / Whitney (CA): The JK Select forward evokes ‘advantage minimization’ on the defensive end of the floor. Heightened awareness when the ball moves and quickly assesses potential passes or options for ball movement to occur. Peterson maintains active feet at all times and will provide help prior to the pass taking away positions that would otherwise yield a foul or easier attempt at the basket. She possesses the mobility to extend her defensive contests to the perimeter and balances forward pressure with need to cover dribble penetration..

24′ C Arianna RobersonFAM First 30 3SSB / SA Clark (TX): Verticality is a major asset for Roberson and how much she impacts the game. She keeps potential rebounds alive with her wingspan, even if out of position, while her mobility allows her to secure them on the second leap. Despite defenses closing in on her post-ups, she can elevate enough to draw contact and get shots off at the rim. Defensively she covers so much ground to block shots and tempt ball-handlers into thinking they’re clear of her reach..

25′ G Emilee SkinnerUtah Lady Prospects 3SSB / Ridgeline (UT): Skinner’s game continues to show positive developmental signs after jumping up to the 17U level. Her defensive impact was noteworthy this weekend with several drastic helpside rotations producing steals and deflections underneath the basket. She spent large portions of time comfortably guarding frontcourt players and successfully contested shots. On the offensive end she maintained explosiveness OTD and utilized the baseline effectively to score at the rim. She was a reliable perimeter presence and showed more finesse scoring the ball on the move with defenders draped over her..

25′ C Sienna BettsHardwood Elite 3SSB / Grandview (CO): The trio of defense, footwork and passing ability give Betts a high baseline in every game she takes the court. She repeatedly shows the capability to slide over to cut off penetration in the paint and erase shots at the point of release. Offensively, she seals defenders well and makes a great target to enter the ball. She’s quick to make initial moves, but keeps options alive with her pivots before displaying her touch around the basket. Her court vision though may be her biggest contribution, as she effectively and precisely gets the ball to teammates around the floor into rhythm attempts..

25′ G Gabby MundySA Finest 3SSB / Liberty Hill (TX): Mundy is flourishing in her role as primary floor general this season. Aside from continuing to get her teammates in strong positions to score and playing disciplined on-ball or team defense, she is staying aggressive scoring the ball. Penetration OTD has been notably effective and complimenting those drives with variable finishes around the rim (layups, floaters and short pull-ups) have allowed her to convert at a high rate. Additionally, the green light she’s kept mentally from the perimeter is giving her balanced production from all over the floor..

26′ G Devin CosgriffJason Kidd Select S40 / Bishop O’Dowd (CA): Cosgriff was a patient offensive weapon for JK Select, but her presence was certainly felt. She moved comfortably off-ball and made timely cuts into space to get touches. She contributed strong production OTD and was able to generate room from her primary defenders to pull-up over shot-blockers. Her perimeter shot was smooth and was a nice compliment to space the floor against the zone..

26′ W Kamora PruittTeam Lex Prime 3SSB / Desoto (TX): Taking on a higher usage this weekend, Pruitt displayed more pronounced wiggle in her ball-handling. Her confidence and offensive rhythm allowed for a large variety of shot attempts. Her length was effective getting to the rim and finishing through contact, while her versatility shooting over the top of defenses enabled mid-range pull-ups to be routinely relied upon..

28′ G Kaiyah BenallyFAM First 30 3SSB: The younger Benally played composed OTD showing the ability to avoid pressure and create space for herself to score. She was consistently able to get into the paint, recognize rotating defenders to adjust course and subsequently change her shooting angles calmly at the rim. She was attentive to helping on the glass and produced multiple steals playing passing lanes..

Committed Players Update:

24′ G Rian ForestierSA Finest 3SSB / Brandeis (TX)/ USC: Following her recent commitment to Southern Cal, Forestier’s play continues churn at a high level. Shot attempts from the perimeter are consistently falling and her quick release make it difficult for defenders to gain ground and contest sufficiently. Her attentiveness on the defensive end repeatedly produces transition opportunities for the team and she delivers forward passes on the money..

25′ G Keziah LoftonLady Jets 3SSB / Bethany (OK)/ Oklahoma: The Sooners commit continues to thrive and make plays with her athleticism. She reads opponents quickly in transition and flips the court frequently after reacting to the ball. Instantly turning into a playmaker, her vision and ball-handling allow her to draw large portions of the defense to her position and open the court for teammates to score..

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