High Motor Helping to Set Up 2023 G Jayda Holiman for a Big July

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Putting to rest notions as a simple “drive and kick” guard, Holiman is also dangerous on the perimeter. With patience and adequate play development, she finds opportunities to move around the defense and find pockets behind her opponents to shoot. Holiman has a smooth and compact stroke that provides a consistent result from behind the arc.

She is able to square her feet and shoulders upon receipt of the pass before unloading from deep. What’s more, Holiman always seems to take these attempts in rhythm and with a lot of confidence. As an adage to her production in this area, she is able to find consistency from the perimeter despite not having screens or plays to setup these looks. She naturally carries the confidence to step up and knock them down.

Holiman receives the pass, squares her feet and shoulders with the rim, and nails the 3.
Holiman recognizes the open space in front of her, calls for the ball and catches it in a good position. With the tougher attempt and more momentum to consider, she still squares her feet and shoulder before knocking down the in-rhythm 3.
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