High Motor Helping to Set Up 2023 G Jayda Holiman for a Big July

Motor Leading to Productive Sequences

As soon as she steps on the floor, Holiman is a player ready to contribute. She gives 100% effort at all times and turns that “want to” into production and disruption. The energy she is willing to spend to make plays or keep her team in the game is part of what makes her a great teammate.

Holiman’s motor is hard to miss on film. She is constantly in a defensive stance ready to guard ball-handlers for 94 feet and she is happy to apply pressure to make opposing teams uncomfortable. What makes this an even more pronounced aspect of her skillset is that her court vision amplifies her ability to cover large areas of the court to her team’s benefit. It’s common for her to run from one end of a half-court possession to the other to add defensive pressure to a shooter or ball-handler. These added methods to disrupt her opponents make her a pesky player to oppose on the court.

Even more frustrating for her opponents is the fact that Holiman’s seemingly endless energy and effort do not stop on the offensive end. Despite being far from the tallest player on the court, she pulls down rebounds as if she were a dominant and physical post under the basket. Holiman’s combination of acceleration and stealth moving behind defenses allow her to properly time and elevate for shots coming off the rim to give her team extra possessions.

Seeing her string these actions into sequences of production are even more fun to witness.

Holiman shows great awareness by crashing down on the penetration and providing a great shot contest without fouling. As her team transitions up the floor, Holiman is the last player on the court. She digs in, sprints up the floor and finds open space for a potential shot. Even though she doesn’t receive the ball, she crashes the glass and grabs the offensive rebound over multiple players and attempts the put-back. The shot doesn’t go in, but it doesn’t go unnoticed that she put everything into the play on both ends to create for her team.
Holiman does a great job of following the play and makes a B-line for the offensive glass. She is able to rip the rebound away from an opposing player and lays it in for 2.
Holiman recognizes her teammate penetrating through the initial line of the defense. By the time the shot goes up, Holiman has already begun to attack the glass from the corner and grabs the offensive rebound. She’s puts it back up and takes the contact for an And-1 opportunity.
Holiman uses great acceleration and fight to rip down the offensive rebound in this scenario. Even though the shot doesn’t fall, her effort makes those extra opportunities a reality.
Holiman stops penetration after switching onto the ball-handler and continues to watch the play develop. She quickly notices the penetration towards the baseline and chases after the ball-handler before blocking the shot at the rim.
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