High Motor Helping to Set Up 2023 G Jayda Holiman for a Big July

Making Plays Downhill

Offensively Holiman is a patient weapon for coaches to utilize. She works well within sets and looks to incorporate her teammates for the best outcome of the team. Holiman has a good repertoire of ball-handling moves to navigate through defenses and beat her defenders 1-on-1. She does a good job of mixing these moves into her attacks and does a good job to work her way downhill to find her shot.

What makes her hard to defend is she is not preferential to any one type of shot. Once she gains a step on her defender, Holiman surveys the floor and defensive reactions to find the optimal shot. She has skills to float the ball over taller defenders with good touch, but she also has good balance to incorporate quick change of directions moves to hit her midrange looks as well.

As her court vision is readily apparent when she’s on the floor, Holiman does a good job of not forcing her shots upon penetrating the defense. She is just as apt to dump the ball off to a shooter on the perimeter or a teammate in the post if it nets the team points. She is quick to react to these situations and defenses are forced to choose which option they want to try to take away.

Upon receiving the pass, Holiman sees gaps form in the defensive rotation and attacks the paint before floating one over the rotating big.
Holiman takes advantage of being isolated against her primary defender and attacks off-the-dribble. She gets a valuable paint touch before defenders close on her position, but she has enough time to gather herself and float one over the top of multiple defenders.
Holiman showcases a great sequence of positive plays here. She steps up to contest the ball-handlers penetration and jumper, grabs the rebound over multiple offensive players, starts the break, dribbles through multiple layers of the defense before finding her teammate open for an attempted layup.
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