WPA Bruins Tipoff Standouts – 16U

25′ F Zaniah ZellousWV Thunder UAA / George Washington (WV): Physicality was highly impactful for Zellous on the court. Successful in securing prime paint positions with shots in the air, she was very competitive on the glass. Likewise her ability to pull defenders out to the perimeter and consistently attack OTD or battle inside frequently produced positive outcomes for her team..

25′ G Amirah AndersonTeam Takeover EYBL / Bishop Ireton (VA): Anderson was really instrumental for TTO in producing shots off-movement and reading defenses effectively to get shots up. Ran a lot of cuts over screens or self-identified defensive gaps to quickly get into shots and maintain neutral body position to convert in the air. She also found success producing these shots herself running off DHOs and pulling up into midrange attempts..

25′ F Georgia SimonsenElevate Elite S40 / Robinson (VA): Versatile shot-making made it hard for defenses to slow down Simonsen. Effectively spacing the floor with her midrange and perimeter attempts, she was able to create mismatches moving without the ball. Identifying and promptly cutting into advantageous positions on the court allowed her to convert quick hitters time and time again, even against top tier defenses..

26′ C Olivia VukosaPhilly Rise EYBL / Christ the King (NY): Despite strictly operating around the paint in the halfcourt, Vukosa put on a show in shot creation and selection. Feeling defensive matchups well, she altered between post moves, turn-around jumpers and a face-up game capable of taking most front-court opponents OTD. She flashed glimpses of playmaking potential in the open floor, as well as her range of coverage defensively..

26′ G Ava YoonTeam Durant EYBL / Sidwell Friends (DC): A patient floor general, Yoon read defenses well and got her team in positions to score efficiently. Her movement off the ball led to a barrage of 3-pointers and allowed for stringing positive plays together. Confidence gained from shooting the 3 led to productive instances of scoring out of the pick-and-roll, as well as more aggressive attacks into the paint..

26′ G Autumn FlearyTeam Takeover EYBL / McDonough (MD): Fleary didn’t dominate the ball, but when it was in her hands she moved defenses. Her ball-handling control and ability to turn the corner in any part of the half-court repeatedly pulled multiple defenders to her location. The results for TTO generated tons of open shot attempts and efficient facilitation to teammates putting points on the board..

27′ G Jezelle BanksTeam Durant EYBL / Ursuline Academy (DE): Behind a mature skillset, Banks had one of the more efficient weekends in the division. High-level awareness as a ball-handler and repeatedly prioritized dribble penetration over settling for outside shots. Her ability to get downhill and navigate defensive rotations smoothly was only elevated more by her consistent and finessed finishing capability..

27′ G Ryan CarterExodus NYC EYBL / William Penn Charter (PA): Carter’s length was a big asset on the defensive end of the floor. Kept the intensity high with primary and help-side pressure, but maintaining active hands helped secure tipped passes, steals and transition opportunities to generate offense. Frequent paint touches aided in her ability to get looks around the rim, as well as drawing in defenders to dump passes off to shooters..

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