Houston GASO Tip-Off Standouts

24′ F Kuol Atak3d Empire / Haltom (TX): Atak found himself a bit bottled up putting the ball on the floor, however the circumstances unleashed his pure shotmaking abilities. His high release and adjustments off the pivot, even in off-balance looks, found the bottom of the net repeatedly. His added contributions on the glass and shot contests around the rim only heightened his play at the event..

24′ F Chris McDermottJL3 Elite EYBL / Booker T. Washington (TX): McDermott put up a versatile scoring display. He adeptly scored in the high post, both off the catch and taking defenders OTD, but also showed the ability to bury opponents under the rim. His touch in this area of the floor made provided very efficient production for his team..

24′ C Jeremiah EvansJL3 Elite EYBL / Southwood (LA): Evans was persistent on the glass throughout the weekend and controlled traffic in the paint before the ball came off the rim. He showed instances of being able to lead the break and an emerging face-up game on the offensive end. He proved effective in scoring on the block and was able to finish through contact routinely..

23′ G Jaxon OlveraTeam Temple NY2LA / Dynamic Prep (TX): The unsigned senior effectively spaced the floor with his perimeter shooting and showcased proficiency of this shot coming off screens. He created shots well OTD and used his length to finish around defenders at the rim. Displayed good footwork to evade defenders and continually shield the ball when penetrating..

25′ G Kingston FlemingsSA Future / Brennan (TX): Bringing a tangibly supreme impact to the floor, Flemings was reliably proficient shooting the ball, quickly torched the nets and had to be accounted for constantly. He’s very slippery and can effectively collapse or extend defenses to his position. He reads rotations well and makes high level decisions to put points on the board while minimizing turnovers. He will gain significant traction this summer on the recruiting trail..

25′ G Cash Gardner3d Empire / Colleyville Heritage (TX): Gardner was on fire from the perimeter and quickly got set and square to the bucket on his attempts. He was fluidly able to utilize ball-handling shiftiness to create space and get shots off in rhythm in the half-court. However, he was equally deadly with contested pull-ups in transition..

25′ G Shelton HendersonJL3 Elite EYBL / Bellaire (TX): Henderson was a mismatch for guards on the perimeter. His frame and length made it difficult to stop penetration and he got the rim frequently. He bullied guards around the paint and finished through contact numerous times. He was active scoring in transition as well and stayed aggressive on the glass..

26′ G Trae Nunn3d Empire / Waxahachie (TX): Nunn’s abrupt midrange pull-ups are an effective kickstarter towards his overall production on the court and can be relied upon at any point in the game. He shows good patience in getting to these spots and carries hangtime to let trailing guards fall away from his release-point. His shooting touch is also complimented nicely with deep perimeter range and he brings a lot of capability as a volume scoring threat..

26′ G Isaiah WardSA Future / Brennan (TX): Ward continues to look super comfortable creating shot opportunities for himself with the ball in his hands or prior to the pass. Regardless he’s thriving getting downhill in both of these scenarios and converting at a high rate. He’s managing contact well and staying composed to finish these prime opportunities..

26′ G Talon ToddSA Future / Brennan (TX): Shot selection came naturally for Todd demonstrating proficiency from the perimeter and midrange in particular. Notably he moved well off the ball, especially in transition, and quickly planted his feet upon the catch to elevate for shots. Likewise he was able to create separation with rapid decelerations and knockdown pull-ups from the FT line. Wherever his shots came from, they were going in..

26′ G Bo OgdenJL3 Elite EYBL / St. Michael’s (TX): Ogden proved himself as a strong asset on both ends of the floor. Induced ball-handler mistakes as the primary defender and initiated transition opportunities. Likewise found success as a facilitator flashing into the high post area, while also stretching the defense from the perimeter. He got to the rim OTD as well utilizing his length to draw fouls and finish in the paint..

27′ G Beckham Black3d Empire / Duncanville (TX): Already excelling in the pick-and-roll game dissecting defensive coverages and accelerating through gaps into the paint. Showcased strong finishing repertoire in traffic with complimentary ball-handling ability to shake defenders. Proving to have tangible playmaking abilities on both ends of the floor – getting hands into dribbling pockets, jumping passing lanes and facilitating at a high level..

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