War Before The Storm Standouts – 17U

24′ F Robert Miller IIITJ Ford Elite / Pasadena Memorial (TX): Following a strong performance at Opening Day, Miller’s play continued at a very high level in this event as well. Stylistically he adopted a different approach offensively and found himself more efficiently putting up points. Opting for open 3s and/or driving all the way to the rim, he ensured every scoring attempt was maximized. The results, make or miss, produced a significant numbers of trips to the FT line showing he won’t settle for jumpers and takes full advantage of mismatches..

24′ F Josiah MoseleyOne Time Legends 3SSB / Stony Point (TX): Building on a strong high school season, Moseley continues to thrive scoring the ball. His high release is difficult for defenses to impact and he showcased efficient shooting all over the court. He frequently put the ball on the floor and comfortably pulled up over those guarding him. Disciplined shot contests and activity on the glass are more reasons his name will garner more attention..

24′ G TJ BurchMax Levels Elite Pro 16 / TACA Storm (TX): Burch’s wheels didn’t stop churning the entire weekend. He was pesky on the defensive end picking up ball-handlers 94 feet and inducing turnovers. He ran the offense well utilizing his speed and agile footwork to evade pressure, while incorporating those traits to get downhill and keep his defenders behind him. Notably Burch was strong in traffic, drew multiple defenders consistently and was able to make quick adjustments in the air to finish over and under shot contests..

24′ G Tyran MasonMax Levels Elite Pro 16 / Plano Senior (TX): A strong compliment to Burch, Mason was also able to effectively create a lot of downhill pressure against defenses. He also drew multiple defenders, but was able to find success with pull-up jumpers and turnarounds often accompanied by contact or several hands in his face. Composure in these situations, as well as extending that success to the perimeter, was impressive..

24′ G Quincy HopkinsTulsa Hawks Pro 16 / Carl Albert (OK): Hopkins took the fight to defenders and was able to routinely get his shots to fall. He played very well through contact around the paint and his athleticism allowed him to keep good angles to the bucket even in close proximity to defenders. His scrappy style of play helped him to win a lot of 50:50 balls, especially on the glass, and finish or keep possessions alive..

24′ G/F Bryson McGlothinTexas Impact UAA / John Paul II (TX): The 3-ball was falling repeatedly for McGlothin throughout the weekend. He showed a lot of comfort coming off-ball to step into these looks, as well as spotting up and producing shots himself. He was impactful in drawing defenders to the perimeter and opening up driving lanes for teammates to pile on points. Regardless of the circumstances, smooth shooting from outside opened added production for him around the paint as well. ..

24′ G Brooks BahrTexas Impact UAA / Keller (TX): High feel and extra effort could describe Bahr’s weekend in short, however it wouldn’t do it justice. Multiple instances per game, he would dive for loose balls or sacrifice his body to win possessions. He spaced the defense well with reliable perimeter scoring, but also consistently got paint touches off his own creation. He saw the floor well OTD to facilitate after drawing in defenders, but also maintained physical play to finish through contact..

24′ F Nicolas CodieSouthern Assault 3SSB / Newman Smith (TX): There wasn’t an area Codie’s play didn’t impact this weekend. He disrupted shooters on the defensive end, won battles on the glass and was able to flash behind defenders for easy buckets at the rim. He consistently stretched the floor from 3 as well and also showcased his overall skillset taking defenders OTD..

24′ G/F Micah RobinsonSouthern Assault 3SSB / Oak Hill (VA): Taking on a good portion of the offensive initiative, Robinson’s physical style netted frequent shots at the rim. Also producing numerous trips to the FT line, his play set the tone for a 3-0 weekend at both ends of the court. Robinson was attentive on the defensive end and made life difficult for shooters..

24′ F Dillon BattieTeam Trae Young 3SSB / Lancaster (TX): Looking quicker and more agile than the last time I saw him, Battie was highly active at the rim. He found more situations allowing him to put the ball on the floor and to attack the paint, even in transition, where he could use his athleticism to rise above the defense. He also showed great court awareness by making several backdoor cuts and slipping behind defenders to get a couple quick-hitters on the board..

24′ F Darkaun KingHouston Superstars / TACA Storm (TX): The 6’8″ forward came out shooting at a much higher clip than he did a week ago and was getting nearly every look to fall. Rhythm looked much more fluid and his ability to move defenders into more disadvantageous positions were evident to get his shots up. Success shooting the ball also opened up passing lanes for him to impact the game at another level as well..

25′ G Tahsheim GaryUrban DFW Elite / Faith Family Academy (TX): A good opening tournament of the grassroots season became better for Gary on weekend #2. He skillfully operated out of the pick-and-roll and was able to get downhill by forcing defenders to predict his screen usage. He added to his playmaking in transition and really helped the offense find a groove. Added perimeter success only built on his overall impact..

25′ G King GraceTexas Impact UAA / Waxahachie (TX): Scoring came smooth for the incoming junior. Grace consistently hit from deep and took his opportunities as they came. He was explosive OTD and was able to blow-by defenders when driving lanes presented themselves. His speed produced defensive over-rotations and opened the floor for a number of perimeter shooters..

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