2025 Compton Magic Wing Koa Peat Accelerating His Timeline

Matchup Nightmare

Peat’s ability to navigate traffic and present himself as an efficient and consistent weapon inside enables him to set up shop on the perimeter as well. Defenses are more apt to let him catch the ball further from the basket believing they have time to recover once he attempts to score around the paint. However, Peat has too many offensive weapons and defenses soon find out how they choose to play him is more about choosing which skillset they want to live with rather than locking him up all game long.

His effectiveness extends to the perimeter, because he features comfortable range to make defenses pay for giving him space. Peat does a great job of maintaining his rhythm on these attempts to maximize his efficiency on these shots. As if his ability to knockdown perimeter attempts at a strong clip and propensity for completing plays in and around the paint don’t make Peat dangerous enough, the extra space provided on the perimeter only allows him to increase his creativity off the dribble.

Specifically, Peat features a difficult combination of traits to guard. He has a strong first step and can easily gain ground on his primary defenders within his first dribble. However, his added physicality and height allow for him to create and visualize scoring opportunities further increasing his mismatch potential on the perimeter. Add in his implementation of good footwork and handling the ball in tight spaces, Peat can produce his own looks from anywhere on the court and against any defender.

These collective options within his game make him a nightmare to guard for opposing teams, but also enable increased offensive flow for his own team. Peat’s skillset opens the game to another level for his squad to produce.

Peat smoothly steps into a 3 after squaring his feet and shoulders.
Peat is able to again square his frame to the basket and smoothly launch from 3 without hesitation.
Peat receives the ball on the left wing and slyly assesses the defenses before exploding baseline to score at the rim.
Peat catches the ball on the left wing with a lot of space to utilize. He attacks his man off-the-dribble, draws contact without losing his momentum and is able to step-back to convert a mid-range jumper while drawing the foul.
Peat seals off his man to grab the defensive rebound and is able to put the ball on the floor to initiate the offense himself. With his man trailing, Peat moves through multiple defenders, using numerous crossover dribbles, and accelerates to attack the lane showing good touch on his shot.
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