Texas Dynasty’s Nicholas Jett & Avery Jackson Jr. Consistently Outperforming on the Court

Player: Nicholas Jett

Position: CG (Using Rashad Phillips Player Dictionary)
Height: 6’1”
Class: 2022
School: Frisco Heritage High School (TX)
Grassroots Team: Texas Dynasty

Offers: None
Interests: Dallas Baptist, Hardin-Simmons (TX), Southern Arkansas and Texas A&M-Commerce

Midrange Playground

On the other hand, looking at his teammate Nicholas Jett there are a lot of similarities that make this duo a very successful and productive tandem. Jett’s offensive skillset is very complimentary to Jackson’s and the two exhibit tremendous effort on the court to keep plays alive and their team in ball games. However, Jett’s approach to scoring and making plays on the offensive end if more along the lines of inside-out rather than outside-in.

Carrying with him a very keen eye on the floor, Jett has a strong tendency to float underneath the top layer of the defense and find gaps to set up shop. It’s here where he can quickly and efficiently survey the rest of the court and go to work. With a smooth and consistent jumper, this is where Jett does a lot of his scoring damage in both catch-and-shoot and off-the-dribble situations.

His contributions in this way help to take the pressure off ball-handlers and help to draw in frontcourt defenders opening additional opportunities for bigs on the block. Jett also does a great job in this area of posting up smaller defenders and knows how to use his body to gain/hold space to put his team in a stronger scoring position. Fully capable of scoring from all three levels, inside the perimeter is purely a ‘playground’ for Jett to dictate the flow of the game and balance the floor for his team.

Jett posts up in the short-corner, surveys the floor quickly and makes a hard jab step to get his defender off-balance. He then elevates over him for the jumper.
Jett recognizes his defender’s inattentiveness and cuts backdoor for an open layup.
Jett handles the pass from Kasai Burton and is able explode towards the rim behind a reaching defender.
Jett cuts towards the rim and receives the pass in a disadvantageous position to score, however quickly recognizes his teammate open for the jumper and provides a good pass.

Rebounding and Second Effort

Fitting himself into defensive weak spots underneath the top layer of the defense has already shown Jett’s on-court IQ is high in helping to find ways to score the ball and help his team win. However, what shows up on film in the way of effort is equally impressive. In the simplest terms, he leaves it all out on the court every time he steps onto it.

Jett makes a conscious effort to crash the glass on both ends of the floor and has an innate timing to his approach in this area. He has a sixth sense about where the ball is likely to come off the rim and attacks that spot using his speed and body to bring down the rebound. This effort isn’t fruitless though, because Jett is incredibly explosive and has strong hands to convert on a lot of these rebounding attempts even over much bigger frontcourt players.

This style of play not only nets him extra production and helps his team to win, but fully displays his true love and competitiveness in basketball. Jett applies the same top-end effort on the defensive end, jumping passing lanes, and chasing down fast break opportunities to negate opposing scoring opportunities just as much as he tries to score the ball. His motor is strong and naturally relentless. Jett gets the job done.

Jett comes off the screen looking to score and while his shot misses, he still beats 6 players across the court to grab the rebound and get a second opportunity.
Jett boxes out 5-star forward Vince Iwuchukwu and skies for the rebound over him.
Jett is able to elevate for the missed layup, control the rebound, draw the foul and convert his own layup.
Jett is able to secure the pass on the fast-break and hit a trailing teammate for the layup.
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