Christian Ferguson is Louisiana’s Underrated Sharpshooter

Strong Defensive Instincts

His impact is equally as explosive on the other end of the court. Ferguson uses his great court vision and awareness to produce momentum builders and momentum killers for his team and opponents respectively. He has sticky hands and an aggressive approach to getting the ball out of the offense’s possession. He’s willing to sacrifice his body to ensure the play is completed and in turn is selfless in getting the rock to his teammates to finish the possession. Ferguson positions himself well at all times and utilizes sound defensive principles while on the floor. He’s disciplined and doesn’t put his team into spots where they’re forced to cover for him.

Ferguson is able to recognize the developing play and moves up the defense to close the gap on his man. He’s able to accelerate through the passing lane to intercept the steal.
Ferguson again recognizes the developing play and quickly provides help to the primary defender to stop penetration. He’s able to strip the ball and finds his teammate for the assist.
Ferguson is retreating on the fast break, but identifies the ball-handler being too loose with the ball. He becomes aggressive and stops penetration, while ripping the ball away and again finding his teammate for a layup.
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