Christian Ferguson is Louisiana’s Underrated Sharpshooter

In-Game Adjustments and Creativity

Once he’s underneath the defense, Ferguson can really do some damage and confuse his opponents. He has shown a strong ability to quickly visualize defensive positions and identify the correct play while on the move. He won’t force the issue to score and creates opportunities for his teammates to make plays as well. Although the jury is still out as to how his tendencies will reshuffle with increased ball-handling duties, the required attention defenses must devote to his perimeter skills will give Ferguson ample chances to prove he’s equally as potent around the paint and in the midrange. In the below examples, Ferguson is able to execute the same play with 3 different outcomes and show how he’s going to keep defenses guessing once they chase him off the perimeter.

The defense closes on Ferguson’s perimeter look and he puts the ball on the floor to attack the basket/weak spot in the defense.
Ferguson again attacks baseline, but the defense is able to step up to prevent a layup attempt. He’s comfortable enough with his shooting touch to still elevate further out and hit the tear drop.
Ferguson attacks baseline a 3rd time and faces an incoming triple team. He’s able to see his cutting teammate near the elbow and hits him with a good pass to finish at the rim.
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