Christian Ferguson is Louisiana’s Underrated Sharpshooter

Lights Out Shooting Threat

Ferguson’s form is rarely altered in game situations and his release is very deadly. He’s hardly sped up or forced into bad looks, and he makes defenses pay for not rotating to him quick enough. His consistency getting the ball off has produced strong results and his range opens up the floor for the rest of his game both as a facilitator and playmaker.

A positive projection for continued growth as a reliable shooter is in the fact that Ferguson repeatedly positions himself squarely to the basket prior to releasing his shot. There’s range to his perimeter shot and defenses unequivocally have to close the gaps to prevent him from feeling too comfortable. Defensive pressure isn’t a deterrent though and Ferguson is more than capable of putting the ball on the floor to score.

Ferguson receives a pass off of a baseline cut and squares his body to the basket before elevating over his defender.
Ferguson runs the floor and receives the pass with enough space to decipher how to attack the lone defender. His man plays off and he’s quickly able to set his feet and hit the 3.
Ferguson is able to find another opportunity to assess the defense before setting his feet and elevating over the defense while on the move.
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