MADE Hoops The Warmup Standouts – 16U

25′ G/F Will RileyUPlay Canada EYBL / The Phelps School (PA): Riley was a keen creator OTD and was nearly able to get to the rim at will. He approached driving lanes with patience and manipulated flashing defenders with hesitation dribbles to open opportunities to get deeper in the paint. His jumper was falling very consistently on top of this and he was at the FT line nearly as frequently as he made layups..

25′ G Jai’Chaunn HayesBrad Beal Elite EYBL / White Hall (AR): Hayes put on display his tough shot-making abilities in Memphis. Spot 3s, quick-hitting pull-ups, fadeaway jumpers in the paint and layups through contact – he brought it all. He built nice momentum early in games and was able to carry that forward into subsequent shots and creating runs of his own..

25′ F Chris Cenac Jr.LivOn EYBL / Isidore Newman (LA): Cenac’s length was tangible in every facet of the game. Springy and quick on the glass, few could beat his reach. Likewise he extended defensive pressure comfortably beyond the perimeter and made it difficult for ball-handlers to escape his grasp on shots or smoothly pass out of the situation. Adding to the numerous put-backs and buckets he produced in the paint, he was a major mismatch in transition..

25′ F CJ NicksonTeam Griffin EYBL / Weatherford (OK): Key in creating momentum-building plays, Nickson was a true game-changer this weekend. He was dominant on the offensive glass and provided his team with frequent second-chance opportunities. Incorporating timely flashes behind the defense allowed him to convert on multiple layups and dunks, highlighting his overall court awareness. He was disruptive on the defensive end as well, securing multiple steals while guarding ball-handlers on the perimeter and igniting solo transition opportunities he flushed home..

25′ F Nicholas RandallBrad Beal Elite EYBL / Vashon (MO): Routinely getting deep post position, Randall was able to fight through contact and finish attempts around the rim. He was aggressive on the glass and made opposing shooters very inefficient in the paint. He showcased versatility guarding ball-handlers step for step on the perimeter and cutting off penetration..

26′ G Randy Livingston Jr.LivOn EYBL / Westminster Academy (FL): Livingston did an excellent job managing the offense for LivOn. He’s crafty out of the pick-and-roll and can drawn in multiple waves of defenders in a single play. He adds quick adjustments to his penetrations and finds ways to dish to teammates for layups or create space effectively to hit floaters or paint jumpers himself. Patience and awareness at this stage underline his bright future..

25′ G Jacoby HillAlabama Fusion EYBL / Central (AL): Physicality OTD led to a lot of attempts in the paint for Hill. He repeatedly drew fouls at the rim and was able to stay aggressive with these shots. Soft perimeter touch complimented numerous contact finishes and really opened the offensive end for him to operate freely..

25′ C Alejandro AvilesLivOn EYBL / Dream City Chrsitian (AZ): Aviles put forth a lot to value outside of scoring the ball this weekend. He continued to show dominance on the glass at both ends of the floor and secure opportunities for himself and his team. He was able to facilitate smoothly from the post and in heavy traffic underlying his ability to see the floor and get shooters the ball in rhythm. A disciplined defender in the paint, he also kept many shots out of the bucket..

26′ G Cameron LomaxProSkills EYBL / Heritage (TX): Frequently gained ground off his first step and found ways to maintain his dribble in traffic to get shots off. Lomax was efficient scoring and reliably got paint touches off his own creation. Implemented quick decision making and took care of the ball despite drawing in 2-3 defenders..

25′ G Dylan RoweMBA OSAG 3SSB / Madison Central (MS): High-feel floor general who flourished creating opportunities out of the pick-and-roll. Repeatedly created mismatches on bigs and utilized his acceleration to win his matchup. Showed a strong knack for turning the corner on penetrations and passing shooters open in the half-court..

25′ G Maddox NoblittMBA OSAG 3SSB / Ocean Springs (MS): Points came in bunches for Noblitt throughout the weekend, but it was his off-ball movement that really opened the floor for him. He was excellent coming off screens or running underneath defenders to receive the ball and fluidly step into shots. He was able to influence defensive pressures with his perimeter shooting and made adjustments to score OTD from the midrange and at the rim..

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