Keziah Lofton: Emergence of a Complete Player

Length and Disruption on Defense

Her feel for the game distinctly translates over to the defensive side of the ball, where Lofton is able to noticeably impact comfort levels of opposing players. Lofton’s length and frame naturally allow her to play numerous positions effectively and enable her team to roll out any lineup necessary to create an advantage on the court. Undeterred by guarding players in the paint, she excels as a rebounder and converting those plays into transition offense.

However, where Lofton truly finds herself thriving is guarding opposing team’s top ball-handlers. She possesses the fluidity, acceleration and lateral movement to stay with the best guards on the floor and provides high-level pressure to force the ball out of their hands or into turnovers. Equally as effective, Lofton is a dangerous defender with the potential to provide traps all over the floor.

Her wingspan and closeout speed are also highly effective against shooters. Lofton’s awareness of positioning and spacing on the court during a possession allow for prompt rotation and recovery to contest shot attempts for any player on the court. Her physical traits create an intimidating presence for offensive players to worry about signaling that this end of the floor will continue to be a calling card for Lofton at the next level.

Lofton sticks to her player throughout the possession, but pressure by her teammates on the ball-handler allows her to attack the passing lane from a position far away and secure the steal.
Lofton helps to trap the ball-handler, knock the ball loose and then recover defensively to intercept a wild pass.
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