Keziah Lofton: Emergence of a Complete Player

Primary Offensive Creation

Lofton is able to provide immediate danger and concern for opposing defenses with her capabilities as a primary ball-handler. She has tremendous size on the floor, especially in the backcourt, that creates matchup difficulties and concerns for shutting down her ability to score the ball. Her frame is strong and Lofton is more than ready to take on contact should it occur.

Outside of her effective physical attributes on the floor, Lofton has a skilled arsenal of ball-handling moves to put defenses on edge. She has a quick crossover to get by her initial defenders and understanding of pace to get by secondary and tertiary-level defenders who may adjust to her position. Lofton has proven time and again, even against top competition, that these traits are more than enough for her to create adequate space to survey the floor on the move and find opportunities to make plays.

What’s more, Lofton has a pronounced ability to successfully operate offensively off of what the defense does. She attacks driving lanes, creates mismatches for herself and has little issue nailing pull-up jumpers from the midrange or perimeter. The consistency with which she is able to effectively convert these plays is why she is such a dangerous asset for her team on the court.

Lofton is able to size up her defender and utilizes a quick crossover to her strong side to gain a step and hit a floater over multiple defenders.
Lofton again is able to size up her defender, but switches to utilizing a double move to keep one step ahead of the defense. She is able to get the ball back to her strong side and again hit a floater over multiple defenders.
Lofton positions herself as an effective outlet for the ball-handler and creates space for herself down the court to score. She is isolated against a big and is able to utilize a shot fake to convert the layup.
Lofton recovers possession of the ball after inbounding. She is able to outrun the defense and identifies multiple defenders before attacking over the big.
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