2022 Scoring Ace RayShun McCullar is a Hidden Gem

Consistent Shooting Off the Dribble

As a result of McCullar’s ability to penetrate and navigate traffic in the lane, opportunities present themselves in games to showcase his shooting prowess. Defensive adjustments, such as trapping off of screens or bigs moving away from the basket to stifle him, allow for utilization of double-moves to also get off jumpers. Just as his speed puts defenders on their heels, McCullar’s equal ability to turn off the jets in a split second provides him the necessary space to comfortably get his shots away.

Much like a high IQ wide receiver on the football field, McCullar is very adept at recognizing pockets in the defense to settle into to take his shot attempts. He puts the pressure on the defense to react and likewise counter-reacts towards the path of least resistance to score at a high rate.

McCullar is able to comfortably reposition his defender and size up his stance prior to gathering himself and elevating from the perimeter.
Sizing up his defender again, McCullar attacks middle before re-attacking his man towards the original position to create space for a perimeter look.
Under pressure, McCullar does a great job of making an initial move to create space to dribble from his starting position. The defender attempts to cut him off, but a quick crossover dribble for his second move enables the chance for a pullup mid-range jumper with his defender chasing.
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