2022 Scoring Ace RayShun McCullar is a Hidden Gem

Dangerous Pick-and-Roll Maestro

McCullar’s speed is very respected by the defenses he faces. Recognizing this has allowed for consistent adjustment on his end to utilize this aspect of his athleticism much more effectively. Slowing down his pace makes his accelerations much more lethal and effective, but it also acts to lull his defenders to sleep and get the jump on his man. His first step is very quick and becomes very advantageous working around top guards or bigs switching on screens.

It’s the combination of this recognition with McCullar’s creativity that makes him an excellent pick-and-roll player. He can orchestrate his own shot using or denying the ball-screen and can turn that decision into successful possessions as a shooter or facilitator for his team. The other aspect that brings McCullar’s game to the next level is his usage of double-moves. He does not settle for a one-attack approach, but rather tests his defenders in multiple ways to ‘move’ them out of his way to open driving or shooting lanes later in the possession. He’s a quick-hit chess player that is able to immediately adjust to his defenders and make them pay for their mistakes.

Using the ball-screen, McCullar is able to receive a more advantageous matchup against a big away from the basket. After coming off the screen, he attacks initially to push the big backwards and makes a stepback move to elevate for the 3.
McCullar again receives a high-ball screen on his defender. However, he adjusts and denies use of the screen to gain a step on his man and attack the rim before finishing through contact.
Making an initial move towards the incoming ball-screen, McCullar recognizes his man is able to hedge the screener prior to the play developing. McCullar is able to hit his defender with a quick spin move to create tons of space and an attacking lane to the middle of the defense.
McCullar is able to make an initial attack to the strong side of the court, but recognizes his defender’s position and uses a hesitation-crossover to attack the middle of the defense and score.
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