Basketball Powers Taking Notice of Promising 2022 Big Kyran Ratliff

Prowling the Paint:

Ratliff’s long frame is very effective disrupting shooters who dare to enter the lane. He tracks them well, both with his eyes and feet, and is able to keep his body in a good position as ball-handlers attack the rim. His lateral mobility is a strong asset and significantly increases his success rate for throwing scorers off of their game.,

These foundations make Ratliff a high rate shot blocker and intimidator on the court. His mobility allows him to not only quickly reposition himself on rebounds and second shot attempts, but he’s shown the capability to be an effective chase-down artist as well. Unlike most shot blockers however, Ratliff shows discipline in his shot coverage and does not blindly leap at shot attempts. Rather he manages to see shot fakes well and is able to perfectly time his jump.

Ratliff begins to lose ground to 4-star center Kel’el Ware, but recovers well to block the initial attempt and disrupt the second attempt for a successful and sustained defensive possession.
Ratliff finds himself on an island and patiently waits for the ball-handler to begin his shooting motion before exploding off his position for a block.
Ratliff holds position against 5-star center Lee Dort and is able to cover the quick move with a very solid shot contest with little to no separation between them.
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