High Upside for 2022 Calvary Baptist’s (LA) La’Bree Williams

Photo Credit: JJ Marshall (@NorthLAScout)

Juggernaut-esque Offensive Weapon

Versatility and a strong physical frame are also very present features of La’Bree’s offensive arsenal. With the ability to play a number of positions for his team, there is ample opportunity to create mismatches and use any one of his traits to his advantage. Nearly unstoppable off the dribble against guards, due to his strength, La’Bree already has a knack for finishing around the rim and playing through contact at a high level.

Likewise when teams opt to follow him to the perimeter with their bigs, he possesses a consistent 3-point shot to keep his opponents on their toes. La’Bree plays with solid touch on his shots and is capable of utilizing various mid-range looks (i.e., pull-ups, floaters) to score on an adjusting defense. These options come from an attentive awareness on the floor at all times and assessing the best ways to attack the basket.

There’s a vibe to his game suggesting he fears nobody, regardless of size, speed or notoriety. He attacks everyone on the court and makes them pay with a high motor, bruising play and a relentlessness that results in points on the board.

La’Bree fronts Kyran Ratliff and completes a successful double move to keep his defender off balance.
La’Bree uses a strong initial cut to get his defender out of position and finishes at the rim.
La’Bree again receives the pass at the top of the arc, but this time on a smaller defender. He attacks his mismatch and splits the double team for a layup.
La’Bree is able to use an effective up-fake before blowing by his defender. He is able to recognize a second defender coming up to help and shows soft touch on the floater.
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