College Basketball: Breakout Sophomores of the SEC

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1. Scottie Lewis, SF – Florida:

A heralded recruit from the 2019 class, Lewis failed to meet the lofty expectations placed upon him by numerous layers of basketball fans (including myself as the leading member of the S.L. fan club). However, the Gators also failed to meet those expectations as a whole largely because the offensive system did not cater to the team’s strengths. Amid the squad’s vast pool of talent, Lewis was essentially handcuffed to emerge as the primary weapon whether as a direct result of the team’s hierarchy or directed the coaching staff.

Lewis had few problems scoring the ball during his freshman campaign. In fact, his ultra-athletic skillset and speed made for easy buckets WHEN the game necessitated a quick score. There was no hesitation turning the urgency meter to ‘11’ at the end of games and getting looks at the rim, but that was far from a consistent site throughout the game.  That’s the goal coming into year 2.

Aside from Kerry Blackshear’s departure, Florida’s team remains largely intact pending the draft decisions of Andrew Nembhard and Tre Mann. To improve his draft stock, Lewis needs to show consistent aggression and score in a bevy of ways. If he can become a volume scoring threat, by prioritizing early touches to reach ~ 9 shots a game, the accompanied production can firmly thrust him into the upper echelon of 2021 draft talent.

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