Basketball Powers Taking Notice of Promising 2022 Big Kyran Ratliff

Versatile Scoring Option:

Having great hands helps Ratliff get easy baskets off of teammates penetration, however he’s displayed plenty of talent to create scoring opportunities for himself. Even at this stage of his development, which is still growing and becoming more dangerous, Ratliff has the requisite footwork to score as a traditional back-to-basket big. His footwork, awareness and knowledge as a shot blocker are aided by his footwork and understanding of how opponents are likely to react.

Ratliff also shows tendencies of more modern bigs as well. He has the ability to put the ball on the floor to score and hit shots at the rim with finesse. However, he also has range on his jumpshot to score over the top of his opponents or operate out of pick-and-pop situations. Outside of his defensive production, Ratliff’s versatility to score the ball in numerous ways is highly valuable to teams at the next level and working himself into lineups more easily.

Ratliff’s manages to cut downhill and catch the pass in front of 5-star center Lee Dort. Ratliff gathers himself without making his move too quickly and controls his spin move to nicely elevate and control the ball to score over Dort.
Recognizing that all eyes are on the ball-handler, Ratliff is able to run a free path to the rim from the weak side and completes a huge put-back dunk.
Ratliff runs the break well and catches the pass in stride, before putting the ball on the ground and finishing at the rim around the defender.
Ratliff is able to catch the ball, in both clips, after establishing post position and makes a committed spin move to hit jumpers over his defender (the first without contact and the second through an and-1).
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