College Basketball: Breakout Sophomores of the SEC

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2. Jahvon Quinerly, PG – Alabama:

After failing to crack the lineup at Villanova, Quinerly transferred to the Crimson Tide following his freshman season. The move came after Alabama hired Buffalo’s Nate Oats and his up-tempo offense. Oats is losing his leading scoring option in point guard Kira Lewis Jr, potentially also John Petty, and will need to retool the top end of his lineup.

JQ is on a redemption tour with his new team and the marriage with Alabama and Oats couldn’t be more perfect to ensure success at this stop. A very talented downhill and open-court player with tons of finesse capability around the rim, Quinerly’s game is tailor made to allow for maximum freedom and creativity on the court. The Crimson Tide had the 5th highest pace in the nation last season at 76.1 possessions per game. Their M.O. is ‘grab and go’ and needs a crafty, skilled guard at the helm with finishing capabilities.

Much like the production seen by Kira Lewis Jr. under Oats, the lead guard in his system gets tons of offensive looks, controls the pace, and creates opportunities for others to score easy looks. With his and James Beetle Bolden’s departures, there are nearly 22 shot attempts to redistribute next season and Quinerly will take a large percentage of those. JQ did not showcase a proclivity for shooting the ball at Villanova, but the sheer amount of attempts and on-floor command he will possess next season is too high for him not to have a significant and noticeable impact on the floor.

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